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Burlington Coat Factory Latest To Drop Ivanka’s Retail Line

BURLINGTON, N.J. — Ivanka Trump products have disappeared from the website of Burlington Coat Factory, a South Jersey-based retailer facing calls for a boycott from critics of President Donald Trump. But an online boycott campaign, #grabyourwallet, said it will continue to target the Burlington Township-based firm. “Burlington Coat Factory has removed all Trump brand goods from its […]

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Stock Market Hurt By Immigration Ban

The messy and contentious rollout of the executive order blocking entrance for refugees and travelers from seven majority-Muslim nations has dented the stock market surge enjoyed by President Trump since his election. Ever since winning the White House in early November, Trump has ridden a wave of stock market success as investors prepared for the […]

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Trump Slashes Regulations On Businesses With Executive Order

President Trump signs an executive action in the Oval Office of the White House on Monday in Washington, D.C., saying he will “dramatically” reduce small business regulations overall. President Trump signed another executive order Monday morning, fulfilling another campaign pledge, this one to eliminate two federal regulations for every new regulation enacted. Trump signed the […]


German Automakers At Odds With Trump

It’s Germany’s turn to feel the heat after President-elect Donald Trump turned his ire on the country’s automakers, its supposed dominance of the European Union, and the failings of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policy. In a weekend interview given jointly to Germany’s biggest tabloid, Bild-Zeitung, and (somewhat incongruously), the august Times of London, Trump repeated […]