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Wells Fargo Created 1.4 Million More Fake Accounts Than Previously Reported

Wells Fargo on Thursday said it had potentially opened an additional 1.4 million sham accounts customers didn’t want, 67 percent more than it initially estimated, escalating an already contentious battle over the future of the mega bank. The bank revised the total, now up to 3.5 million, after discovering that employees may have been opening […]

Carlos Barria, Reuters

Trump Has At Least $315 Million In Liabilities… Not Worth $10B He Claimed

WASHINGTON President Donald Trump had personal liabilities of at least $315.6 million to German, U.S. and other lenders as of mid-2017, according to a federal financial disclosure form released late on Friday by the U.S. Office of Government Ethics. He had roughly $20 million in income from his new marquee Washington hotel, which opened just […]

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Automation Pushing America To Universal Basic Income For It’s Citizens

Is a guaranteed paycheck from the government, with no strings attached, the answer to the relentless rise of automation? The concept might sound far-fetched, but a so-called universal basic income (UBI), is currently one of the most hotly debated policy topics being floated as a means to address income inequality and the disruption that technology […]

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Trump Budget Nominee Supports Cutting Medicare, Social Security

President Donald Trump’s nominee to become the nation’s budget director, Rep. Mick Mulvaney , R-S.C., defended Tuesday his support of cuts to popular entitlement programs that Trump vowed to keep intact and emphasized that he would bring a “fact-based approach” to the role. In appearances before the Senate budget and homeland security committees, Mulvaney acknowledged […]


Top Republicans Unveil Plan To Drastically Cut Social Security And Medicare

WASHINGTON ― President-elect Donald Trump distinguished himself on the campaign trail as the rare Republican candidate promising not to cut Social Security and Medicare. But Republicans in Congress have other plans for the two popular social insurance programs ― and they are wasting no time rolling them out. Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Texas), chairman of the House […]