(Courtesy Mike Daniels)

Study: Global Warming The Cause Of More Destructive Fires

A new study of Western forest fires confirms what is already apparent – wildfire seasons are getting longer and more destructive. But researchers with the University of Idaho and Columbia University also say humans are to blame. The study made public Monday says human-caused global warming contributed an additional 16,000 square miles of burned forests […]

Dave Matthews Band performs for Pipeline protestor

Singer-songwriter David Matthews is headlining a Obama administration-sponsored concert for the benefit of a Democratic congressional candidate involved in protests to stop the building of a controversial oil pipeline. The “Turnaround: Arts Sings With Standing Rock” will feature performances by Matthews, Mic Jordan, Ledisi, DJ IZ, among other B-list celebrities. A poster for the show […]

Obama Warns Hurricane Matthew Could Have ‘Devastating Effect’

President Obama visited the Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters today for a briefing from his homeland security team on the latest updates with Hurricane Matthew, which is currently barreling through the Caribbean and headed for Florida’s Atlantic Coast. Matthew is “a serious storm,” Obama said and asked residents in the storm’s path to take evacuation […]