Trump Vows To Bring Home All US Troops From Iraq

Trump vows to bring all US troops home from Iraq ‘shortly’President Trump on Thursday repeated his plan to withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq “shortly” during a meeting with the county’s new prime minister. “We were there, and now we’re getting out. We’ll be leaving shortly,” Trump told reporters at the White House. “We have […]

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Supreme Court Allows Prosecutors To Fast Track Case Against Trump

The Supreme Court on Friday granted the Manhattan district attorney’s request to expedite its recent decision rejecting President Trump’s claims of absolute immunity from a subpoena for eight years of tax returns. Chief Justice John Roberts ordered the decision to go into effect immediately. The president’s legal team did not oppose the move. The order […]

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Supreme Court Rules Trump Must Turn Over Financial Records To Investigators

President Donald Trump assailed a pair of Supreme Court rulings on Thursday pertaining to his personal financial records in a Twitter rant that called the decisions “not fair.” In a rambling series of tweets, Trump attacked Democrats and his predecessor former President Barack Obama, arguing he is being unfairly targeted while others don’t face scrutiny. […]