Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars Spent On Police Buying Phone Records From AT&T

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The company charged more than a million dollars in some cases for access to a database of phone records stretching back to 2008.

Typically, for law enforcement agencies to obtain your phone records, they would need to first obtain a warrant from a judge. Warrants can be difficult to obtain and must be specifically focused in order to protect your constitutional right to privacy. However, for the past several years AT&T has been making it much easier for police to get your phone records. For a price, of course.


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The Daily Beast has obtained documents which show that AT&T stores customer data as far back as 2008, and charges from $100,000 to over $1 million a year for law enforcement agencies to access this data. This program, called Project Hemisphere, gives law enforcement access to your phone records without a warrant, at the cost of millions of taxpayer dollars.


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