New day, new Trump accuser

Evan Vucci, Associated Press
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Another woman came forward today accusing GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump of sexual misconduct today, adding to a growing list of women who have come forward with similar stories.

Cathy Heller, 63, alleges that Trump accosted her at a Mother’s Day Event at Mar-A-Lago in the late 1990s, while she was with her family and her in-laws, according to a story first reported in The Guardian newspaper. The allegation has been denied by Trump campaign.

She told ABC News today that she was having brunch with her family at Mar-a-Lago on Mother’s Day, sometime between 1996 and 2000, when Trump came to the table and was being introduced.

She said that when she put her hand out to say hello, he grabbed her unexpectedly and started to kiss her on the lips. She said she pulled away, but he grabbed her again and got her near her lips.


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