Poll: Does Mulvaney’s Admission Of Trump Guilt Change Your Opinion On Impeachment?

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Mick Mulvaney’s week went from bad to worse on Sunday, as he again tried to explain why President Donald Trump and the administration had withheld aid to Ukraine for weeks — one of Democrats’ central questions in their impeachment inquiry.

Mulvaney fumbled during an interview on “Fox News Sunday” when he cited two reasons for the delay, whereas he had listed three during his Thursday news briefing at the White House. He continued to blame reporters for any misunderstanding, a feat that can be tough to pull off when his answers were all delivered on camera and when the host, Chris Wallace, let the tape keep rolling.
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And he threw red meat to liberals and Democratic presidential candidates who have long questioned the appropriateness of the Trump family continuing to profit from their business holdings while Trump serves as president.

“At the end of the day, he still considers himself to be in the hospitality business,” Mulvaney told Wallace about Trump’s original decision to hold the next G-7 summit at his resort in Doral, Fla. — a decision he reversed late Saturday.

“I just have to pick up: You say he considers himself in the hospitality business?” Wallace asked. “He’s the president of the United States.”
Mulvaney’s interview did not play well among Trump allies and advisers, with one calling it a “self-immolation.”

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