Sanders: ‘Trump should apologize’

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Sen. Bernie Sanders told reporters on Thursday that President-elect Donald Trump is “a very smart person” who should apologize for harsh campaign-trail talk aimed at minorities and women. Sanders also said he hopes “very, very, very much” that Trump does not follow through on threats to jail Hillary Clinton.

“That would completely, I think, divide this country. It would be an outrage. And I would hope very, very, very much that Mr. Trump understands that that is not something that he should do,” the Vermont lawmaker said at a breakfast organized by the Christian Science Monitor.

Sanders also pressed Trump to give up his skepticism of climate change, push for a higher federal minimum wages, and follow up on promises to defend entitlements and confront corporations, notably the pharmaceutical industry. Democrats will work with the Trump administration if he does, Sanders said.

“During the campaign, he said a lot, and we will find out soon enough about whether what he said was sincere,” Sanders said. “Our job is to hold him accountable and we intend to do that.”


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