Medicare For All?

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Donald Trump may have a stealth health plan that would be a surprise to millions: It’s called ” Medicare for All. (MFA)”

He’s not uttered these words and his party hasn’t either – and isn’t likely to champion. The GOP has long sought the destruction of the Affordable Care Act and privatization of Medicare and Social Security.

But Trump’s rhetoric has suggested Medicare for All and he could follow through and solve a basket of problems in one fell swoop. If he proposes such a plan, it would not only be a shocker, it would push a progressive solution to health care that has floated around for decades.

First, a little background. The premise of MFA is that everyone outside of corporate and government health plans would be automatically covered. There would be no state marketplaces, no provider networks and no draconian deductibles. You wouldn’t have to apply and choose a plan based on premiums. Access would be a non-issue.

The Medicare system at present has four parts covering hospitals, medical services, an optional managed care and prescription drugs. You pay modest premiums for each component and can supplement out-of-pocket costs through private “supplement” or “Medigap” policies.

An expanded Medicare, in short, wouldn’t just be for those over 65 and the permanently disabled. If you needed it, you’d get it at any age and wouldn’t have to wait for enrollment periods or deal with an online marketplace. You could keep your doctors and local health care providers. Medicare would simply pay most the lion’s share of your medical bills.


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