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Canada experiments with decriminalising hard drugs

Canada’s province of British Columbia is starting a first-in-the-nation trial decriminalising small amounts of hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. From Tuesday, adults can possess up to 2.5g of such drugs, as well as methamphetamine, fentanyl and morphine. Canada’s federal government granted the request by the west coast province to try out the three-year […]

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China’s Xi confronts Trudeau over media leak

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday criticised Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in person over alleged leaks of their closed-door meeting at the G20 summit, a rare public display of annoyance by the Chinese leader. In video footage published by Canadian broadcasters, Xi and Trudeau can be seen standing close to each other and conversing […]

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‘Green’ UK power station owner cuts down primary forests in Canada

A company that has received billions of pounds in green energy subsidies from UK taxpayers is cutting down environmentally-important forests, a BBC Panorama investigation has found. Drax runs Britain’s biggest power station, which burns millions of tonnes of imported wood pellets – which is classed as renewable energy. The BBC has discovered some of the […]

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Canada politics are getting violent & dangerous

Online threats, racist or misogynistic insults, public harassment and outright physical intimidation are just some of the behaviours that officials warn are changing the face of Canadian politics. The issue was highlighted last weekend, when a man was filmed launching an expletive-laden verbal assault at Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland. The incident – which was […]


Handgun ownership in Canada to be ‘Frozen’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau previewed a “dystopian future” for Canada on Monday, announcing a proposed ban on the sale, transfer, and importation of all handguns nationwide, stripping citizens of their means of self-defense. The leftist Canadian leader made the announcement during a press conference and adamantly stated that the country’s citizens have no business […]


Some members of European Parliament rebuke Canada’s Trudeau for treatment of convoy protesters

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with scathing rebuke from some Members of European Parliament (MEP) last week after he delivered a speech to the European Union. Independent Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic accused Trudeau of engaging in “dictatorship of the worst kind” because of how his government treated the peaceful Freedom Convoy in February. “Under […]