Google Blocks Pro-Life Ads Due To Unproven Medical Claims

Google abruptly removed pro-life ads pushing a treatment to reverse the abortion pill, a treatment that the pro-life group Live Action claims has saved the lives of thousands of unborn babies. “At the request of abortion activists, [Google] has just BANNED all of [Live Action]’s pro-life ads, including those promoting the Abortion Pill Reversal treatment, […]

The Daily Beast

Trump Still Has 75 Lawsuits Pending Against Him Due to Shady Business Dealing

President-elect Donald Trump will be spending the days running up to his inauguration in an unprecedented fashion. Along with choosing his cabinet and scheduling the busiest first day in office ever, the reality television star will also be defending himself in several courts of law. The real-estate developer turned politician is familiar with the courtroom. […]


Pamela Anderson Accused of Poisoning WikiLeak’s Julian Assange

In past years, a Presidential nominee calling women he’s accused of groping ugly liars or a major foreign power allegedly hacking into huge swathes of campaign emails would be Internet-breaking ammo. In this election cycle, that’s a slow news day. As America’s collective bad karma continues to manifest in this strange surreality, we’ve become increasingly […]