Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Trump Tells Generals That America Is Losing War In Afghanistan

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has become increasingly frustrated with his advisers tasked with crafting a new U.S. strategy in Afghanistan and recently suggested firing the war’s top military commander during a tense meeting at the White House, according to senior administration officials. During the July 19 meeting, Trump repeatedly suggested that Defense Secretary James […]

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

CIA Says WikiLeaks Is A Hostile Intelligence Service

CIA Director Mike Pompeo blistered WikiLeaks in a speech Thursday, calling WikiLeaks a “hostile intelligence service” aided by Russia and accused WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of making “common cause with dictators.” The former Kansas congressman was speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C., his first public address since becoming director. […]

NBC News

Department Of Homeland Security Claims Hackers Influenced Election In 20 States

There have been hacking attempts on election systems in more than 20 states — far more than had been previously acknowledged — a senior Department of Homeland Security official told NBC News on Thursday. The “attempted intrusions” targeted online systems like registration databases, and not the actual voting or tabulation machines that will be used […]

The Telegraph

Trump Offering Foreign Donors Political Access to Whitehouse

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is facing a fundraising scandal after a Telegraph investigation exposed how key supporters were prepared to accept illicit donations from foreign backers. Senior figures involved with the Great America PAC, one of the leading “independent” groups organising television advertisements and grassroots support for the Republican nominee, sought to channel $2 million […]