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Trump Budget Nominee Supports Cutting Medicare, Social Security

President Donald Trump’s nominee to become the nation’s budget director, Rep. Mick Mulvaney , R-S.C., defended Tuesday his support of cuts to popular entitlement programs that Trump vowed to keep intact and emphasized that he would bring a “fact-based approach” to the role. In appearances before the Senate budget and homeland security committees, Mulvaney acknowledged […]

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Maximize Your Medicare

As of October 2016, there were more than 57 million enrollees in Medicare, roughly 18% of the U.S. population. The program will spend a projected $700 billion on benefit payments in 2017. Clearly, Medicare is a big deal, and if you’re not greatly benefiting from it now, you probably will in the future. So take some […]


Medicare For All?

Donald Trump may have a stealth health plan that would be a surprise to millions: It’s called ” Medicare for All. (MFA)” He’s not uttered these words and his party hasn’t either – and isn’t likely to champion. The GOP has long sought the destruction of the Affordable Care Act and privatization of Medicare and […]