Iran And North Korea Teaming Up To Build Nuclear Weapon?

Iran and North Korea cooperated on long-range missile development projects last year, according to a confidential United Nations report that may pressure the Biden administration to respond to one of its first major geopolitical crises. “This resumed cooperation is said to have included the transfer of critical parts, with the most recent shipment associated with […]

Associated Press

Kim Jong Un Says That He Is Never Giving Up Nuclear Weapons

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hailed his country’s nuclear weapons as a powerful deterrent against military threats, state media reported, as prospects of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula continue to dim amid stalled talks with Washington. “We have become able to reliably defend ourselves against any form of high-intensity pressure and military threat by imperialist […]

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump

North Korea Threatens Trump Inauguration With Nukes

North Korea is “readying two intercontinental ballistic missiles” to “nuke” Donald’s Trump inauguration, it’s been reported. Military officials say the rogue state wants to send a “strategic message” to the incoming US president by timing launches to ruin his big day on Friday. In a statement, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the reports […]

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Trump To Enter Into Arms Race With Putin

U.S.-Russia relations will certainly be a major feature of the Trump presidency; the intelligence community has accused Putin’s government of hacking e-mails from Democratic Party officials in an effort to help Trump win the recent presidential election. In 2014, Russia annexed the territory of Crimea from neighboring Ukraine, which triggered several rounds of economic sanctions […]