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Biden ‘does not care’ about small-town America, South Dakotans say: ‘If he did care, Keystone would be going’

President Biden has been “absolutely worthless” and “has done nothing for us,” residents of a small South Dakota town say as their community continues to deal with the fallout from the Keystone XL Pipeline cancelation. “He does not care,” Paulette, a resident of Philip, told Fox News. “If he did care, Keystone would be going.” […]


Gas prices above $4 per gallon as Russia-Ukraine war impacts supply

The U.S. national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline notched $4.065 Monday as supply disruptions continue to drive up oil prices to new highs, according to AAA. “Supply disruptions are getting worse as oil traders, vessel owners, governments, ports, and dock workers do not want to touch anything related to Russia,” Lipow Oil […]

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Decoding the ‘Z’ — the mysterious Russian military symbol that’s been co-opted by Russia’s nationalist movement

A new symbol of Russia’s war against Ukraine has emerged — a white “Z” emblem, stylized in a thick brushstroke. It has found its way onto the signs and t-shirts of ultra-right, pro-Russian protesters, been painted on Russian tanks and military vehicles, and been worn as a show of support for Russia’s invasion. In the […]