Canadian Sniper Called ‘One of the World’s Deadliest’ Heads to Help Ukraine

A Canadian soldier known as “one of the world’s deadliest” snipers left his computer programmer job, his wife and year-old son to cross the Ukrainian border at night and fight Russian invaders alongside other foreign volunteers, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Capable of killing a person with a rifle from over 2 miles […]

America “Deeply Alarmed” By Military Takeover In Sudan

The U.S. expressed alarm on Monday over an apparent military coup in Sudan, shortly after the Biden administration’s special envoy for the Horn of Africa was in the country encouraging cooperation between civilian and military leaders of Khartoum’s transitional government.  Thousands of protesters took to the streets after reports emerged that the country’s Prime Minister […]

ABC News

‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Says Iran Deal Is Good For National Security

Twelve days before the Trump administration will decide whether or not to re-certify Iran’s compliance with the Iran deal, Secretary of Defense James Mattis told Congress it’s in America’s national security interest to keep the agreement. Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, Mattis replied in the affirmative to a question about whether […]