Rachel Dolezal’s New Memoir to Detail Discrimination Experiences While Pretending to be Black

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Rachel Dolezal’s memoir will be released in March but she’s already facing backlash after announcing it was available for pre-order


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Rachel Dolezal’s memoir won’t be released for another five months, but already the critiques are starting to pile up.

The former NAACP leader, who became a national sensation after it was revealed she was a race faker, announced her book was available for pre-order on Amazon.

‘Please tell me what she knows about being a REAL TRUE black woman?’ one user commented on Dolezal’s post.

‘You’ll NEVER know our struggles and I don’t care how much dark spray tan you put on.’

Another commenter tried to plead directly with Dolezal, telling her she should be a ‘white ally’ instead of a ‘civil rights leader underneath a lie’.

‘You really don’t understand the Black Experience because you still hold your white privilege,’ they added.

The book is described as the story of Dolezal’s path from being a child of white Evangelical parents to ‘an NAACP president and respected educator and activist who identified as black’

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