Lincoln County Commissioner Rob Coffman

What is an ‘Albert Sensor’? And why are some officials concerned about it?

In northeast Washington state, a remote region nestled against the Canadian border, the politics lean conservative and wariness of government runs high. Earlier this year, a Republican-led county commission there made a decision that rippled across Washington — triggering alarm at the secretary of state’s office, and now among cybersecurity experts who have worked for […]

New digital currency proposal is an attack on liberty

While the world remains focused on the tragic situation in Ukraine, the Biden administration is preparing to launch America’s first government-backed digital currency. If a new digital dollar is rolled out, it could substantially reduce individual rights and give the Federal Reserve and the national government significantly more power over the U.S. economy. On March […]


Russia bans Facebook, Instagram ; labels them extremist organizations

A Russian court declared Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, an “extremist organization” on Monday, making its work in Russia illegal. The decision excludes WhatsApp, which Meta also owns. The ruling, effective immediately, bans Facebook and Instagram from Russia, where both platforms are already blocked. The full scope of the ruling’s impact remains […]