AT&T was hacked; Nearly all customers affected

AT&T says hackers stole data from “nearly all” of its cellular customers over several months in 2022 and downloaded it illegally onto a third-party cloud platform. The Dallas-based telecommunications company announced the massive data breach in a regulatory filing and press release on Friday morning, which said it believes the data is no longer publicly […]

DVD rental giant Redbox files for bankruptcy

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, the parent of DVD rental operator Redbox, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The bankruptcy filing comes after months of a series of financial struggles for the company and piling unpaid bills. Chicken Soup for the Soul has accumulated nearly $1 billion in debt, the Chapter 11 filing […]

Tipping in America is out of control

When Ted Rossman was at Newark Airport in New Jersey the other day, he got a shock along with his sandwich.Rossman, a senior industry analyst for financial information site Bankrate, went to a self-serve kiosk for a snack before a flight, scanned the item himself, and was asked for a tip.Since there was no other […]


Americans abandoning Gas Grills this Summer

Americans binged on grills during the pandemic, but the barbecue industry now faces a number of threats, including high meat prices and interest rates on top of economic uncertainty. Many feel no need to upgrade fairly recent purchases. Market leaders like higher-end grill manufacturer Traeger, once a pandemic darling, reported its latest quarter’s grill sales […]


More companies declare Bankruptcy

More companies are declaring bankruptcy and shutting down operations, citing inflation and high costs. Inflation and the economy remains a top issue among all voters, according to a recent The Center Square Voters’ Voice Poll. Retailers are closing nearly 3,200 stores this year, according to a recent analysis from CoreSight Research. The closures are a […]