Biden asks Congress to pause gas tax

President Biden will ask Congress on Wednesday to suspend the federal gas tax until September as Americans across the country grapple with soaring prices as the pump. The president will urge members of Congress to institute a three-month federal gas tax holiday without stripping money from the Highway Trust Fund that finances highways and mass […]

Michal Baranski / Getty

Biden’s IRS is making massive purchases of bulk ammunition

Biden’s IRS is buying up ammunition in bulk. On Saturday, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz told Breitbart that the government entity had spent $700,00 purchasing ammo “between March and June 1.” This poses the obvious question — why? Agents in the IRS Criminal Investigation department (CI) are armed with weapons and therefore need ammo. That being […]

Are our leaders too geriatric?

Americans in the nation’s capital shared their thoughts on whether elderly political leaders should make room for younger figures to take power. “We need some fresh blood in there that understands how the people are living now in the United States,” one woman, Shanna, told Fox News. “The people who are ruling this country have […]

Are the US and China heading to war over the island?

Weeks after the US president warned China over Taiwan, Beijing has delivered its sternest rebuttal yet, saying it would “resolutely crush any attempt” at Taiwan’s independence. On Sunday, China’s Defence Minister General Wei Fenghe essentially accused the US of supporting the island’s independence, saying it was “violating its promise on Taiwan” and “interfering” in China’s […]