Israel will attack Gaza city packed with refugees

Israel is facing growing international warnings over its planned offensive in Rafah – the city in southern Gaza crammed with Palestinian refugees. UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron said “over half of Gaza’s population are sheltering in the area”, while Dutch FM Hanke Bruins Slot said there could be “many civilian casualties”.Saudi Arabia warned of “very […]

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No place in Gaza is safe as Israel hits refugee camp

Israeli airstrikes caused significant damage to a large refugee camp in Jabalia, just north of Gaza City, on Tuesday. The Israeli military confirms it was targeting the area, which it says is a Hamas “stronghold,” including underground tunnels and a command center. Photos from the scene showed large craters and other damage at the camp, […]

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Biden doubts death toll, Palestine publish names

The health ministry in Hamas-controlled Gaza has published a report listing the names of more than 6,000 “documented deaths” in Gaza since the October 7 terror attacks on Israel, after US President Joe Biden questioned the reliability of Palestinian casualty figures. The report stated that between October 7 and 26, 7,028 Palestinians were killed, including […]

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U.N.; Israel order to evacuate Gaza ‘Impossible’

The fighting between Israel and Hamas entered a seventh day on Friday with fears of a ground offensive growing stronger following an Israeli order to evacuate the northern region of the Gaza Strip. Israel’s military told the United Nations late Thursday that all of northern Gaza’s population needs to evacuate to the southern portion of […]

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Buttigieg acknowledges that he “could have spoken sooner”

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg acknowledged Tuesday that he “could have spoken sooner” about the disastrous Norfolk Southern train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, that has caused serious health and environmental concerns because of the hazardous chemicals it was transporting. The 38 cars that derailed roughly two weeks ago were carrying substances including vinyl chloride, butyl […]


Water supply for 5m people may be contaminated by Ohio toxic spill

More than five million people whose drinking water comes from the Ohio River could see a plume of toxic chemicals flowing toward their local water intakes after a train derailment on the border between Ohio and Pennsylvania led to a toxic spill. During the initial phase of the incident—which saw emergency responders forced to burn […]