Trump Sells Qatar $12B In Weapons Day After Saying They Sponsor Terrorism

Qatar is currently isolated within the region by neighbours which accuse it of sponsoring terrorism The US has sold Qatar $12bn (£9.4bn)-worth of fighter jets just days after President Donald Trump accused the country of being a “high-level” sponsor of terrorism. The deal was signed off by the US Defence Ministry and reportedly included 36 F-15 combat aircraft. […]

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Trump Escalates Tensions In Middle East After Qatar Is Blacklisted

WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump escalated a spiraling Middle East crisis on Tuesday morning in tweets attacking Qatar, which hosts 10,000 American troops at the largest U.S. military base in the region. Beginning a little after 8 a.m., the president put out three statements criticizing Qatar and praising neighboring countries ― including Saudi Arabia ― for […]