Elizabeth Frantz/Reuters

When Republicans take the House expect Investigations, possible impeachments

Republicans are laying the groundwork for dozens of investigations into the Biden administration — and the president’s family — should they retake the House in Tuesday’s midterm elections. Already, GOP lawmakers have floated January hearings on Hunter Biden’s business dealings as well as a major congressional probe of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and a new […]

Katie Goodale/USA Today

What to watch for in today’s high stakes election

After months of primaries, campaign events and fundraising pleas, the midterm elections that will determine the balance of power in Washington and state capitals are finally here. Republicans are predicting a massive red wave as anxious Democrats defend their narrow majorities in Congress while struggling to overcome pervasive concerns about the economy, crime and President […]

AP Photo/Barry Reeger

House GOP introduce “Commitment to America”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy introduced the GOP’s “Commitment to America” package on Friday, Republicans’ shared sales pitch ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. McCarthy came out swinging in his speech, accusing Democratic lawmakers of ignoring rising crime, decrying restrictions on parental rights, and promising to repeal the recent expansion to the Internal Revenue Service. […]

Alex Wong

“Unifier in Chief” labels many Americans ‘Semi-Fascist’

When President Biden coined the term “semi-fascism” for Republicans holding the Donald Trump banner last week, it was just the latest moniker bestowed by the liberal media and political left on the movement. Criticism of Trump supporters goes all the way back the 2016 presidential campaign, when then candidate Hillary Clinton was widely panned for […]


With 100 days to the midterms, Republicans boast of coming wave

As the countdown to November’s midterm congressional elections enters its final 100 days, Democrats face broad and persistent headwinds driven by widespread gloom over the economy and President Joe Biden’s consistently low approval ratings. Though recent polling has provided the party glimmers of hope, those fundamental weaknesses have been compounded by what many accept as […]