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Jan GOP debate to be Desantis/Haley cage match

Having endured and even written about the four Republican National Committee–sanctioned debates, concluding with the unedifying rock fight in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on December 6, I groaned audibly upon learning that CNN was planning additional debates in Iowa and New Hampshire before voters vote. But it turns out the participation criteria for these debates could make […]

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Republican opposition to Ukraine aid grows

A growing Republican divide over continuing U.S. aid to Ukraine threatens the prospects of Congress’ passing additional money to help the country defend its sovereignty against a Russian incursion. Despite the broad bipartisan majorities in the House and the Senate to continue funding, it has become a central sticking point in the fight over a […]


New student debt relief plan offered by Biden

President Joe Biden vowed Friday to push ahead with a new plan providing student loan relief for millions of borrowers, while blaming Republican “hypocrisy” for triggering the day’s Supreme Court decision that wiped out his original effort. Biden said his administration had already begun the process of working under the authority of the Higher Education […]

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FBI declines GOP subpoena on Biden ‘Crime scheme’

The FBI declined to immediately provide congressional Republicans with a document the lawmakers say outlines an “alleged criminal scheme” involving President Biden and a foreign national, blowing through a Wednesday deadline to produce the unverified information that was subpoenaed by House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.). Christopher Dunham, the FBI acting assistant […]

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Debt ceiling alarm bells ring in DC today

Every American could get hurt if the new hardline Republican House’s dangerous game of roulette with a still vulnerable economy backfires. The nation reaches a first, critical threshold Thursday in the brewing Washington showdown over the national debt that could define the tenure of the new GOP majority and the final two years of President […]

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Gear up for a debt ceiling fight in congress

The Republican-controlled House has planted the seeds for a debt-ceiling showdown, with Speaker Kevin McCarthy endorsing a push by his hard-liners to demand spending cuts as part of any extension of the country’s borrowing authority. The political divide is deep and the stakes are high. Ultraconservative lawmakers insist they don’t want the country to default, […]