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Ukraine aid bill passed by Senate after all-nighter

The Senate on Tuesday morning passed a bill that would appropriate $95 billion in fresh military aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan after several Republican senators spent eight hours delaying passage with speeches in opposition. On Feb. 4, the Senate unveiled the text of a bipartisan national security bill to provide aid to Ukraine during […]


Robert Menendez-Senator or secret agent?

The deal was sealed over meetings and dinner, federal prosecutors say. Officials representing Egypt’s authoritarian government wanted a powerful American’s help with weapons sales and financing. Sen. Robert Menendez and his then-girlfriend Nadine Arslanian said the senator could facilitate both. In exchange, a New Jersey middleman − a struggling Egyptian-born business entrepreneur named Wael “Will” […]


House Pushes to Split Israel and Ukraine Aid

Secretary Lloyd Austin appeared before the Senate Committee on Appropriations Tuesday where he told lawmakers that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “was not” exaggerating when he said that without the financial support of the United States and NATO, Ukraine will lose its war against Russia. The Tuesday morning hearing, which also featured Secretary of State Antony […]