1/5 of the world is now too dangerous to visit

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Five years ago, a British globetrotter’s travel wishlist might have included the cultural wonders of St Petersburg and the cosy cafes of Lviv. The enthralling architecture of Isfahan and the tranquil gardens of Shiraz were on the radars of more ambitious holidaymakers, along with the lesser-known pyramids of Meroe. Beirut and Tel Aviv were options for a hip city break. This reporter, in late 2018, spent a weekend in Chernobyl.

Trips to all of these places are now either impossible or extremely ill-advised. Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Sudan, Lebanon and Israel, along with Belarus and the Palestinian territories, represent the eight newest additions to the Foreign Office (FCDO)’s travel black list, where trips to the entire country are deemed perilous and which now numbers a depressing 24 destinations, representing 30,965,383 square kilometres – or 20.8 per cent of the world’s landmass. A further 42 countries are partially out of bounds. It is hard to recall a time when so much of the world was off-limits due to war, terrorism and unrest.

It isn’t all bad news. The security situation has improved in two countries. Back in 2019, Burundi and Mauritania – while never likely to star in travel brochures – were also entirely off-limits. Now most of Burundi is deemed safe to visit, as is a significant chunk of Mauritania, including its coastal areas and capital, Nouakchott.

But the overall picture is one of diminishing horizons. The wars in Ukraine and Gaza have been the most obvious factors. Ukraine, Russia and its close ally Belarus were added to the travel black list in February 2022. Israel, Lebanon and Palestine were added in October 2023.

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