$500 monthly given out to combat “toxic stress”

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Some residents in Tacoma, Washington, are set to earn $500 monthly payments through a no-strings-attached guaranteed program.

The Growing Resilience in Tacoma (GRIT) program was announced in 2020 by Mayor Victoria Woodards as a way to support low-income families during their time of need.

“This project is designed to demonstrate that this type of cash investment can reduce feelings of overwhelm and toxic stress, improve economic stability, increase housing security, and improve health and well-being while reducing poverty in our community,” the United Way of Pierce County program website reads.

Now, GRIT 2.0 aims to supply 175 randomly selected families with $500 in monthly checks, which can then be used as recipients wish. The payments started going out in April and will continue until June 2025.

“To restore truth to the idea of the American dream for working families, we must give people what they need to be successful,” Woodards said in a statement. “If we are going to effectively eradicate inequity in Tacoma or in any city across America, then we must look at all of the conditions that impact our residents. This includes economic conditions.”

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