Migrants leaving dying pet dogs at border

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U.S. Army veteran John Rourke sounded the alarm over the horrors he’s witnessed while cleaning up border towns the past three years, saying the crisis has spiraled under President Biden’s watch and turned some parts of Texas into a “third world” area.

The CEO of Florida-based Blue Line Moving started his cleanups in 2021 after learning about the problem of trash left behind by migrants crossing illegally over the border. During each trip he would also see hundreds of stray dogs and cats in every condition imaginable milling about these towns that were abandoned by migrants.

Troubled by what he was witnessing, Rourke reached out to Florida-based animal rescue group, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, to do something about it. They have now conducted three rescue missions and rescued 189 dogs in Eagle Pass, McAllen, Colony Ridge and Del Rio with the help of local animal rescue groups like Saving Hope Animal Rescue. They completed their most recent mission in Del Rio and Eagle Pass this week.

Rourke shared how he’s seen “thousands” of dogs during these trips and finds some of them in horrific conditions.

“It’s unbelievable. I’ve never seen so many dogs in my life. Abandoned dogs, specifically in Colony Ridge,” he told Fox News Digital.

“We’re literally finding dogs in garbage bags, you know, on the side of the road. But we found a dog with its mouth taped shut, a dog where someone threw a boiling pot of oil on this dog. It’s just horrible things that are being done to these dogs, which makes it even crazier, because now you have people that are living here in this country that will do those kinds of things to animals and they’re living among us,” he lamented.

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