Biden’s Bro changes tune when shown receipts

James Biden altered his story during a closed-door interview with lawmakers on Wednesday after congressional investigators presented him with evidence directly contradicting his claims, according to a source familiar with the interview. Joe Biden’s younger brother, in closed-door testimony to the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, initially told his interviewers that he was not part […]


China’s ominous threat to US over Taiwan

Chinese commentators have accused the U.S. of “interfering” in its politics by arming Taiwan—and warned that Beijing would retaliate “swiftly, accurately, powerfully… [and] painfully.” The claims were made in an editorial published on Sunday in the Global Times, an English-language publication launched by the Chinese government to address Western readers. The opinion piece said that […]


Chinese media support Biden in Impeachment

Chinese state-run newspaper The Global Times published an editorial defending President Joe Biden against House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry. The House of Representatives on Wednesday voted on party lines to formalize the impeachment inquiry into Biden following months of investigations into whether he benefited from his son’s business dealings with China and Ukraine while he served […]