Consumers are buying less and switching to store brands

Decades-high inflation is changing US consumers’ grocery habits. Kroger, the nation’s largest grocery store chain, said Thursday that budget-constrained shoppers were buying fewer items in stores, favoring Kroger’s cheaper store brands instead of name brands, and switching from beef to pork.“Rising inflation has consumers rethinking their shopping and eating habits,” Kroger (KR) CEO Rodney McMullen […]

Inflation Hits 40-Year Record Again

resident Joe Biden’s inflation problem is not going away, with the annualized rate of U.S. inflation hitting 8.6 percent in May, according to new figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday after months of high inflation and a rising cost of living. The Bureau reported that May’s inflation represents “the largest 12-month […]


‘Retirement’ is being retired

Picture retirement in your head. It’s a laughing, grey-haired couple sipping piña coladas on a white sand beach; perhaps they’re getting some liquid courage for their sky dive later. Not a care in the world, their only responsibility is getting their grandchildren good gifts for their birthdays. It’s a beautiful fantasy – and for many […]