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Biden campaign’s new battle cry; ‘Restore Roe!’

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ first campaign rally of 2024 sought to build voter enthusiasm and boost turnout on a singular issue: abortion rights, which the campaign sees as the golden ticket to reelection. Flanked by their respective spouses, Biden and Harris on Tuesday kicked off a full-court press strategy elevating abortion […]

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Supreme Court Keeps Abortion Pill For Now

The abortion rights community and its allies in the Biden administration secured a striking victory from the conservative Supreme Court with an order Friday night that stopped restrictions on medication abortion drugs from taking effect. The Supreme Court’s brief, unsigned order came in an emergency dispute over lower court rulings that would have curtailed access […]


More US men now embracing vasectomies

More young men are inquiring about and getting vasectomies. It’s a trend that’s been observed informally in several countries, and has particularly spiked in the United States since the Supreme Court’s decision. Google Trends tracked a huge uptick in US searches for ‘vasectomy’, along with the related search terms “Roe” and “abortion”; search volume was […]


Is Kamala OK? Another word salad dished up by VP

Vice President Kamala Harris was caught with another course of incoherent word salad, this time during an interview with CBS News. Following the historic Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, CBS News correspondent Robert Costa asked Harris on Friday whether Democrats both in the White House and in Congress “failed” to codify the […]

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FBI is investigating criminal reaction to Roe ruling as potential domestic terrorism

The FBI is investigating ideologically motivated “suspicious criminal or potentially violent” reactions to the reversal of Roe v. Wade as potential acts of domestic terrorism, according to documents obtained by Yahoo News, prompting concerns from civil liberties experts that pro-abortion-rights Americans will be swept up in the FBI’s dragnet for exercising their First Amendment right […]


Biden now calls for dropping filibuster to put abortion rights into law

President Joe Biden said on Thursday that he would support making an exception to the filibuster — the 60-vote threshold in the Senate needed to pass most legislation — in order to codify abortion rights and the right to privacy through legislation passed by Congress. However, despite Biden’s newly announced support for the filibuster carveout, […]

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Abortion Protest rioters call for ‘Death to SCOTUS’

A large group of rioters was seen in downtown Portland, Oregon smashing windows and vandalizing several buildings Saturday night. The group also graffitied messages targeting the U.S. Supreme Court. The group, made of about 100 people, were yelling and chanting as they marched down the streets and would periodically stop to destroy and graffiti objects. […]

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Kavanaugh neighbor describes ‘aggressive’ pro-choice protester ‘Horrorshow’

A neighbor of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh says the pro-choice protesters who have marched multiple times a week down their street in the evening have shaken up residents’ homes and disrupted their lives – as they detailed the alleged abuse received by neighbors from protesters, while saying authorities have done little to help them. […]