Americans for prosperity

WH says ‘Bidenomics’ a success; Americans don’t

The White House has long touted its “Bidenomics” initiatives to restore American economic prosperity and highlighted the improvement of key topline indicators to claim its efforts have been successful. Administration officials have pointed to an array of data, including the major stock indices, the jobs reports, and inflation rates, as evidence of an improving economic […]

ABC News

WH helped YouTube censor COVID-19 ‘Misinfo’

The Biden administration worked together with employees of Google-owned YouTube in 2021 to target alleged “misinformation” relating to the COVID-19 virus and its vaccinations, according to documents obtained by FOX Business. The documents, acquired through a source close to the House Judiciary Committee, reveal a level of correspondence previously unknown to the American public, as […]

Fox News

Anti-Israel protesters spray WH with red paint

Thousands of protesters descended on Washington D.C. on Saturday, converging outside the White House and demanding a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war. Protesters, which were estimated to be over 10,000, carried Palestinian flags and signs demanding a free Palestine. After the scheduled march reached the White House, protesters sprayed red paint on the northwestern gate […]