What is it really like at a Trump rally?

Elijah Nouvelage/AFP via Getty Images
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At 6:30 a.m. it was still dark in Rome, Ga. But people had been lined up for a long time already, still nearly 12 hours before Trump was set to take the stage at another of his rallies.

Some had waited all night amid the crowd-control gates, in the bottom level of a downtown parking garage. At the very front of the line, Sharon Anderson waited under a blanket on a camp chair.

She told me this was her 50th rally. Why does she attend so many?

“I want to show my support for the best president in the history of this nation,” she explained.

Anderson and some friends were all wearing tops styled to look like baseball shirts, with a big “47” on the back (for Trump’s quest to be the 47th president) and “FRONT ROW JOES” on the front. Those “Joes” are a team of Trump superfans who get right up front at rallies.

I asked Anderson how she would describe a Trump rally to someone who has never been to one.

“Oh, it’s very uplifting, encouraging, exciting,” she said. “You just can’t describe it verbally.”

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