Women embrace body hair this ‘Januhairy’

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he first month of the year is traditionally a time of change and resolution. Gym memberships spike, people seek new jobs in record numbers and abstaining from alcohol and meat becomes a popular pastime.

But over the past six years, this period has also been marked by “Januhairy,” an initiative challenging women to put down their razors for the month. Despite its name, the message is evergreen and the campaign’s official Instagram account, which has over 40,000 followers, posts images of women celebrating their body hair year-round in a bid to normalize it.

“Januhairy is liberating because it gets you thinking about the way you treat your body and why,” Januhairy founder Laura Jackson told British newspaper Metro in 2021, adding: “Maybe soon we’ll be at a point where people can just do what they want in relation to body hair and we won’t even need to talk about it. That would be something.”

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