Xi arrives in Moscow as Putin rips West

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is accusing the West of trying to hold back Moscow and Beijing’s “development” as Chinese leader Xi Jinping landed Monday for a three-day visit to the Kremlin.

Putin, in an article published late Sunday night in the China Communist Party’s People’s Daily newspaper, alleged the Western world is conspiring to stifle Russia and China by “persistently working to split the common Eurasian space into a network of ‘exclusive clubs’ and military blocs that would serve to contain our countries’ development.”

“This won’t work,” he said, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“The crisis in Ukraine, which was provoked and is being diligently fueled by the West, is the most striking, yet not the only, manifestation of its desire to retain its international dominance and preserve the unipolar world order,” Putin reportedly added.

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