30% of Gen Z individuals identify as gay! Why?

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Gen Z has bucked social trends time and time again, often creating their own. But one thing social scientists have yet to fully explain?

Gen Z’s increasingly different experience with sexuality.

According to a recent PRRI report, nearly 30 percent of Gen Z identifies as LGBTQ+. That’s a high figure when you take into account Baby Boomers only identified as LGBTQ+ 4 percent of the time. Even compared to millennials, Gen Z is a notably more sexually fluid generation, as millennials only identified as LGBTQ+ 16 percent of the time.

But what’s causing the younger generation, which includes those from age 12 to 27, to come out as gay, bisexual and the range of other identities included under the LGBTQ+ umbrella?

It likely lies in how they were raised, experts say.

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