Another Fox Host In Hot Water For Lewd Comments

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Plainly concerned that Fox News was on the verge of losing its grip on blatant misogyny and pointless provocation, commentator and self-styled comedian Jesse Watters made a crude joke about Ivanka Trump Tuesday night, thus assuring anxious fans of Bill O’Reilly that Fox News would never descend into civil discourse involving decent treatment of women and minorities.

Watter made the joke, such as it was, during a segment of The Five concerning first daughter Ivanka Trump’s appearance earlier that day in Berlin, where she spoke about female empowerment. Female empowerment, though, wasn’t what Watters had in mind as the clip played on a split screen.

“So I don’t really get what’s going on here,” Watters said, “but, uh, I really like how she was speaking into the microphone.”

The joke is exceedingly sophisticated in both structure and content, but sustained analysis by expert humorists suggests that Watters was pointing to the fact that a microphone is shaped somewhat like a penis. What he really liked, presumably, was not Trump’s discussion of female empowerment but, to the contrary, the image of receiving oral sex from her. That very image (thankfully confined to his own reptilian imagination) is almost certainly what led Watters to pruriently smile as he made what the Huffington Post called “a quick hand job gesture.”


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