Couple to Throuple: Is polyamory for real?

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A TV show has begun in which couples invite a third person into their relationship. Along with new book More: A Memoir of Open Marriage, it reflects the increasing ubiquity of non-monogamy.

“If you were given the chance at non-monogamy in paradise, what would you say?” That’s the premise behind a new US dating show, Couple to Throuple, in which four couples arrive on a tropical island resort “to turn fantasy into reality”. For each of them, that fantasy involves inviting one of 14 glamorous singles to join them in a throuple to see if the polyamorous lifestyle could be for them.

In the last few weeks, ethical non-monogamy has taken over the cultural conversation. In January, New York Magazine ran a cover story on polyamory, arguing that it is, if not mainstream, then increasingly common. It featured an in-depth guide on how to open up relationships and a report on a polycule (a network of people in non-monogamous relationships).
It coincided with the release of a new book, More: A Memoir of Open Marriage by Molly Roden Winter. The author, a 51-year-old former teacher, details the open marriage she and her husband embarked on in 2008. Since publication, it’s garnered huge coverage and spurned countless think pieces (How Did Polyamory Become So Popular? asked The New Yorker).


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