Democratic Women’s message “Be Very Afraid”

Roman Genn
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As President Joe Biden casts about for a winning campaign theme (“Dark Brandon,” “Bidenomics,” and whatever that bizarre Andy Rooney–style disquisition on “shrinkflation” was that he delivered on Super Bowl Sunday have not caught fire), perhaps he should take a page from some leading Democratic women, who are honing a message: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

In January on The View, Vice President Kamala Harris told host Joy Behar she was “scared as heck” of the possibility of another Trump presidency. “We should all be scared,” she added, that Trump could get reelected by “the crazies.”

Fear of “the crazies” electing someone Democrats don’t like might appear to be a reiteration of Hillary Clinton’s declaration in 2016 that Trump voters were a “basket of deplorables,” but it’s different in scale and tone. Clinton quickly had to express regret for calling American voters deplorable, although it was too late to undo the damage she had caused. By contrast, today, Democratic women are leaning into fear and terror about the possibility of anyone other than a Democrat controlling the country, particularly if the alternative is another Trump term. As Harris put it on The View: “There’s an old saying that there are only two ways to run for office: Either without an opponent or scared. So on all those points, yes, we should all be scared.”


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