House & Senate agree to ‘kick the can’ on Budget

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House and Senate leadership have agreed to another short-term continuing resolution to keep the government funded until the beginning of March as they work to pass appropriations bills.

The short-term continuing resolution will keep in place Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) two-part approach, in which four appropriations bills would be funded until March 1, and the remaining eight will be funded until March 8, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

During that time frame, Congress would work to write and pass appropriations bills at the top-line agreement between the two chambers of $1.66 billion.

This is sure to anger many conservatives in the House who believe Johnson is once again kicking the can down the road, especially after he committed to not doing another short-term continuing resolution in November 2023 when he pitched the first two-part continuing resolution.

“If you can’t get the final bills finished under this timeline, with good conservative wins, then we’re just going to go with the most painful version of a full year CR, that will result in large across-the-board non-defense cuts,” Johnson said on a conference call with members in November when he was pitching the first two-part continuing resolution.


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