Mueller’s Office Refutes Major Claims In Anti-Trump Book

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Controversial author Michael Wolff’s upcoming book, “Siege: Trump Under Fire,” reportedly claims that Robert Mueller drew up an obstruction of justice indictment against President Trump – but a spokesman for Mueller says the claim is wildly inaccurate.

Now “Siege” already has something in common with its predecessor “Fire and Fury,” the 2018 best-selling book about the first year of Trump’s presidency, which came under fire both for its sourcing and claims.

Wolff’s follow-up anti-Trump book is scheduled to hit book stores on June 4 but The Guardian obtained an early copy. “Siege” claims that Mueller “drew up a three-count obstruction of justice indictment against Donald Trump before deciding to shelve it,” according to The Guardian’s Edward Helmore.

According to Helmore, Wolff reports that Mueller’s office planned to charge the president with “influencing, obstructing or impeding a pending proceeding,” “tampering with a witness, victim or informant” and “retaliating against a witness, victim or informant” but eventually decided to “shelve” it. While The Guardian reporter says he viewed the document, Mueller’s office denies that it even exists.



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