Not Chicago… Not New York… This City Has The Best Pizza

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It’s not up to you after all, New York. And Chicago — the wind has been taken out of your deep dish sails.

The honor of best pizza city in the United States goes not to those traditional standard bearers of pizza but instead to that innovative West Coast upstart of Portland, Oregon.

That’s the ruling according to Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya, authors of the upcoming encyclopedic “Modernist Pizza,” scheduled to be released in October.

At three volumes and almost 1,700 pages, it includes the history of pizza, more than 1,000 recipes, pizza-making techniques and tools plus tips on where to get the best pie — in exquisite detail and with stunning photos.
Myhrvold — who was the chief technology officer at Microsoft from 1996 to 2000 before leaving to pursue his other passions — told CNN Travel in a video interview that this labor of love took almost four years.

He said they managed to wrap up their pizza tours, which included visiting 250 pizzerias, before the Covid-19 pandemic shut things down.



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