President Trump Releases “60 Minutes” Interview Ahead Of Scheduled Airing

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President Trump on Thursday posted his full interview with “60 Minutes” ahead of its scheduled air time in an apparent attempt to undercut the news program after he walked out on the interview, bristling at questioning from journalist Lesley Stahl.

The president posted the nearly 40-minute sit-down to his Facebook page with the caption: “Look at the bias, hatred and rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and CBS.”

“Tonight’s anchor, Kristen Welker, is far worse!” Trump added, referencing the NBC News anchor who will moderate the presidential debate in Nashville, Tenn.

Trump abruptly ended the interview with Stahl before a scheduled walk-and-talk with the president and Vice President Pence.

During the interview, he bemoans that Stahl opened the interview by asking if he was ready for “tough questions,” calling it “no way to talk.” He complains repeatedly that Stahl did not ask tough questions to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, to which Stahl responds that she did not interview Biden. Trump corrects himself to say “the interview” with Biden.

“I think we have enough. We have enough,” Trump says in the clip, moving to end the interview.

“I think we’re ready for the vice president now,” a production assistant says off camera.



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