Republican’s unfazed by Zelensky visit

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Ukraine President Zelensky just finished meeting with the Senate side of Congress, and he is on his way to meet with House Speaker Mike Johnson and other lawmakers soon.

A senator out of that first meeting said he was unmoved by the leader’s visit.

Republican Senator Eric Schmitt said he was told “nothing new” and that “the questions were very scripted”.

“We’ve heard all of this before,” he said.

Zelensky was brought to the Senate by Democrats, who lead the chamber. Schmitt said that he didn’t think the Democrats “appreciate how committed Republicans are to securing our southern border”.

That issue is where conservative lawmakers seek policy changes in exchange for further supporting Ukraine.

“If you listen to the people back home, they’re not interested in a blank cheque for Ukraine when they see 12,000 people coming across our open southern border every day,” Schmitt said.

Mike Johnson, Speaker of the House of Representatives, said he reiterated to President Zelensky that the American people stood with him and against the “brutal invasion” of Vladimir Putin.

But he added that he has asked the White House for clarity on how Ukraine can win and said “thus far their responses have been insufficient”.

The Biden administration is asking for billions of dollars with no oversight, he said.

Johnson spoke about the need to protect the US border, and that was his priority.


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