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Pelosi called ‘worst destroyer of international peace’ by North Korea

North Korea on Saturday called U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “the worst destroyer of international peace and stability,” accusing her of inciting anti-North Korea sentiment and enraging China during her Asian tour earlier this week. Pelosi traveled to South Korea after visiting Taiwan, which had prompted China to launch military exercises including missile strike training […]

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Nancy Pelosi Expected To Visit Taiwan Today Amid China Threats

Nancy Pelosi is expected to land in Taiwan late on Tuesday, according to local news reports, in a visit that would test U.S.-China relationsU.S. House speaker’s potential trip—not confirmed—would be the highest-level visit in 25 years by an American official to the islandChina warned the U.S. it “will not sit idly” if Pelosi visits the […]


What could happen if Pelosi visits Taiwan?

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s expected visit to Taiwan has resulted in stern warnings from Beijing and mounting concerns in Washington. The California Democrat is leading a congressional delegation to the Indo-Pacific, with stops including Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan, according to a statement released by her office on Sunday.The statement and Pelosi’s public […]


If Republicans retake Congress , Pelosi says she ‘fears for democracy’

The Democratic speaker of the US House, Nancy Pelosi, said she “fears for democracy” if Republicans retake the chamber in November. “It is absolutely essential for our democracy that we win,” Pelosi said in an interview during the 2022 Toner Prizes for political journalism on Monday night. “I fear for our democracy if the Republicans […]

Pelosi Says Capitalism Not Serving America Well

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said capitalism isn’t serving the U.S. as it should. On Friday at the Chatham House in London, the Democrat explained how the U.S. economy hasn’t benefited from capitalism. She insisted the U.S. can’t have a system that benefits some by depending on the exploitation of workers and the environment. “In […]