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Ukraine war “Unlikely to end anytime soon”

Russia is making “incremental progress” in Ukraine “with the potential for tactical breakthroughs along the front lines in areas such as Donetsk and Kharkiv,” Avril Haines, director of national intelligence, told Congress on Thursday, and that has Russian President Vladimir Putin thinking “domestic and the international trends are in his favor.” Testifying before the Senate […]


Czech Pres hints at ‘Boots on ground’ in Ukraine

There is nothing to prevent NATO from deploying its troops on Ukrainian soil to act in training and assistance roles, Czech Republic President Petr Pavel has said, as a thorny debate over alliance limitations regarding the ongoing war in Ukraine develops. Pavel—a former general who previously served as the chair of the NATO Military Committee—spoke […]


Zelenskyy takes dig at U.S. Congress over aid

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged the West to swiftly and decisively aid Ukraine as it defends itself against Russia’s invasion while taking an apparent swipe at Congress for its continued stalemate over foreign assistance. “First, we all must do not something, but everything possible to defeat the aggressor,” Zelenskyy said at the Munich Security Conference […]

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Ukraine aid bill passed by Senate after all-nighter

The Senate on Tuesday morning passed a bill that would appropriate $95 billion in fresh military aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan after several Republican senators spent eight hours delaying passage with speeches in opposition. On Feb. 4, the Senate unveiled the text of a bipartisan national security bill to provide aid to Ukraine during […]