Zelenskyy takes dig at U.S. Congress over aid

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Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged the West to swiftly and decisively aid Ukraine as it defends itself against Russia’s invasion while taking an apparent swipe at Congress for its continued stalemate over foreign assistance.

“First, we all must do not something, but everything possible to defeat the aggressor,” Zelenskyy said at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday. “Please, everyone remember that dictators do not go on vacation.”

Both the House and Senate are out of session for the next week while Congress has been at a standstill over passing a foreign aid package that includes continued U.S. assistance to Ukraine, which Zelenskyy has pleaded for.

“The bolder and more active America was along with the others on the right side of history, the more successful freedom was,” Zelenskyy said in his remarks of the U.S.’s role in preserving democracy. “The world would have long been divided among the dreams of a few dictatorships if it was not the American dream that always left enough space for the people’s dreams.

Zelenskyy said later on Saturday through a translator during a news conference alongside Vice President Kamala Harris, that the package is a “way forward.” The weapons would not ensure victory for Ukraine, he acknowledged. “But moving forward is much much better than stagnation on the battlefield.”

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