Zelensky says Ukraine has chance with $60B Aid

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Sunday thanked U.S. political leaders for approving an aid package to Ukraine over the weekend, saying the newfound aid will give the country a chance at “victory” as the country defends itself from Russia.

“I think this support will really strengthen the armed forces, I pray, and we will have a chance at victory if Ukraine really gets the weapons system, which we need so much, which thousands of soldiers need so much,” Zelenskyy, who spoke via an interpreter, said on NBC News’ “Meet the Press.”

The House on Saturday passed a bill providing Ukraine with $60.8 billion of aid weeks after the Senate passed a massive bill with aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, plus funding for increased border security. Speaker Mike Johnson opted not to put that bill bundling aid for the three countries on the floor, instead choosing to pass three separate aid bills.

The House bills are expected to pass the Senate this week, something Zelenskyy specifically urged.

“We really need to get this to the final point. We need to get approved by the Senate,” he said Sunday.

“Then we want to help get things as fast as possible so that we get some tangible assistance for the soldiers on the frontline as soon as possible — not in another six months — so that they would be able to move ahead,” he added.

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