WH Press Sec Karine Jean-Pierre spouts more propaganda

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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended the Biden administration’s response to the border crisis during a press briefing Thursday.

When asked about border, Jean-Pierre told reporters, “What Americans should know is that the president has done the work to deal with what we’re seeing at the border since day one.”

She also criticized Republicans for executing “political stunts.”

“We continue to see political stunts from many Republicans out there and that’s not how we’re going to fix this issue. They want to secure the border, we’ve been doing that work on our own, and we’re asking them to hey, you know what [sic], there’s an immigration reform plan that the president put out on the first day, they should work with us and do this in a bipartisan way,” she said.

Some criticized Jean-Pierre on Twitter for defending President Biden’s record on the border despite a record influx of illegal immigrants under his watch.

Republican National Committee rapid response staffer Jake Schneider tweeted, “This might be the most egregious lie I’ve heard from this pathetic administration. Anyone with eyeballs can see Democrats haven’t done jack to secure the border.”

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