Will electric vehicles save you money?

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Record high gas prices convinced drivers across the country to take a second look at going electric in 2022. After all, EVs cost more up front, but they pay you back over time with lower ownership costs and exactly zero trips to the gas station — right?

EVs certainly can make financial sense for some drivers, but there are a lot of hidden costs that industry marketing glosses over.

“There is a push for every driver to switch to electric, while almost every automaker has invested billions of dollars into expanding their electric vehicle lineups with hopes that you will make the switch,” said automotive expert Lauren Fix of Car Coach Reports. “Do the math and see what works best for you and your budget, and don’t be pressured into what may or may not work for you. A close inspection of the cost of an EV versus a standard car — the tax breaks, the maintenance, the fuel — may surprise you as to which is actually the better buy.”

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