World’s largest kidney stone removed from soldier

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A kidney stone larger than a baseball was removed from a patient in Sri Lanka earlier this month, and officials just confirmed the mass broke multiple world records because of its immensity. The patient, a retired soldier, was identified as 62-year-old Canistus Coonge, AFP reported.

Doctors performed surgery on Coonge on June 1 at the Columbo Army Hospital in Sri Lanka’s capital city, the Sri Lanka Army said in a news release issued this week. The grapefruit-sized kidney stone removed during that procedure has since been formally added to the Guinness World Records as both the “largest and the heaviest kidney stone” ever extracted through major surgery. 

The stone measured 13.372 centimeters long — or more than 5.2 inches, close to the length of an iPhone 14 Pro — and weighed 801 grams, which is about 1.76 pounds. Images published by the Sri Lankan army show the enormous thing being weighed and measured inside the operating room after the surgery.


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